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CG Measuring Scale

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The CG Measuring Scale is an accurate digital scale which shows the exact location of the centre of gravity location in millimetres from the wing leading edge, plus the model's weight in grams. Ideal for F3K, F5J, F3J, F3F, F3B, F3B, F3F and all similarly sized model aircraft.

The centre of gravity scale comes with a 9 V battery which supplies the energy to this complex device. The scale consists of the main unit holding the scales, a 3D printed cradle to hold the model, and a microcomputer with LCD display to output the info.

Available in two versions as shown below. We recommend the Small 3 Kg version for most modellers as perversely it has a slightly lager max fuse size.

During boot up the battery voltage is displayed. Occasionally new 9V batteries are too high initially in which case the display is incorrect until the voltage drops. The battery is changed by unscrewing the plate near the switch.

CG Measuring Scale Types
Size Small 3Kg Regular 4 Kg
Target model F3K, DLG, Mini DLG, F5J F3J, F3F, F3B
Max model weight 3 Kg 4 Kg
Max rearward CG 120 mm 145 mm
Min wing chord 132 m 155 mm
Max fuse width under wing 65 mm 52 mm
Max fuse depth under wing 65 mm 65 mm

Technical characteristics:
Measuring range: 0 to 3 or 4 kg
Display: LCD 65x16mm, display on 2 lines
Power supply: 9v battery (included)
Dimensions CG scale (LxWxH): 173x148x140mm approx.
Dimensions display case (LxWxH): 85x40x20mm approx.
Weight of the CG scale: 410g approx.

How to use it:

1) Set the CG balance switch to ON

2) Wait for the display on the tare screen (GR: 0000)

3) Place the glider on the 4 pins, fuselage well centred in the supports and leading edges bearing against the stops

4) Read the weight of the model (g) and the position of centre of gravity (mm)

Reviews 7  

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CG Scale

I've gotten tired of borrowing one of these from friends nearby, so I got my own. It seems to be an excellent product.

 Review by:

Itís a nice unit. Pads for the wings are not real flexible. Works fine anyway.

 Review by:

CG Measuring Scale.

What an amazing piece of kit! I wasn't entirely convinced I needed one of these. I always managed more or less in the past but I have to say that if you fly DLGs or F3RES sailplanes like me, or bigger stuff, you really gotta try one of these! The accuracy is amazing and tiny adjustments to C of G are the the work of moments. Highly recommended

 Review by:

CG machine

Excellent quality very professional and accurate
Easy to use .

 Review by:

CG Measuring Scale

Terrific piece of kit that is very accurate and shows the weight of the model and CofG at the same time. Also handy for seeing the effect varying amounts of ballast has on the CofG allowing you to set this up optimally. The cradle on this one is slightly bigger than that found on similar items available elsewhere allowing for slightly larger fuselages to be accomodated easily. Recommended.

 Review by:

Where has this been?!

Worked perfectly from the moment I removed it from the packaging. I measured all my models (F3K, F5J, F3J, F3RES) and corrected a couple significant CG issues on the spot! Outstanding Customer Service from hyperflight.
Arguably the best money Iíve spent on this stupid hobby in years!

 Review by:

CG measuring scale

I wish I had one of these 20 years ago. Makes balancing and installing ballast a snap. Very accurate

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