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EMAX CF2822 Outrunner Brushless Motor

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Recommended motor for the Blaster 2e.

Motor resistance = 0.175 R
Kv = 1200 RPM/V
Io @ 8V = 0.86 A
Weight = 43.0 g (1.66 oz)
Number of poles = 14
Total length = 28.5 mm (ex shaft)
Motor diameter = 28 mm
Shaft diameter = 3 mm
Shaft length = 13.2 mm
No. of cells = 2- 3 LiPo

Solid easy to mount outrunner. A grub screw is used to secure the motor to the mounting plate. So you can screw the mounting plate to the model's firewall and then secure the motor with the grub screw.

Operate between 7A and 14A for max efficiency/max performance.

Recommended Props

2S LiPo
10 x 5 - 11A
9 x 6 - 10A
9 x 5 - 9A

3S LiPo
8 x 4 - 11A
7 x 6 - 10A

Reviews 6  

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Great little motor for the eBlaster but, having tried 2 cells, it seems best with a 3 cell LiPo achieving an impressive climb with the stated prop size. Very easy to replace the motor with quick release and positive replacement. After a fried esc I decided to go the whole hog and replace the motor as they are such good value.

 Review by:

This is an amazingly powerful and well-built motor for its super low price. By any measure, this is a great deal!

On a 3-cell lipo and a 15 amp ESC, it turns a CAM 10x5 folding prop at 8,000 RPM and produces 25 ounces of thrust. But note that I live at an elevation of 9,000 feet, which reduces the air density so that the RPM is higher than it would be at sea level. In any case, the motor launches my 21 oz glider vertically at around 2,000 feet per minute.

The combined weight of the motor, ESC, folding prop, and a 450 mAH battery weigh right around 100 grams, so the power to weight ratio is truly amazing.

My only complaint is that the motor is designed to only be mounted from the rear by a special flange. This makes it impractical to mount the motor to a front firewall, which requires that the motor be mounted on its front surface. Since most gliders use a front firewall, this makes it awkward to mount the motor.

To deal with this mounting problem, I modified the motor so that I could mount it by its front.

Although the motor is not designed to be mounted on its front face, it is possible to modify it to do so. The shaft needs to be reversed in the rotor so that the long side sticks out of the other end of the rotor.

This can be done by first removing the "C" clip that holds the shaft into the stator. The rotor can then be removed from the stator assembly.

The shaft is held in in the rotor by a set screw. After removing the set screw, the shaft can be pressed out of the rotor using a drill press.

The shaft can be inserted from the opposite end of the rotor and the set screw can be securely tightened to hold it in place. The rotor and its shaft can then be inserted into the stator bearings and the shaft will then extend through the mounting flange such that you can fit a prop on the other side of the flange.

The flange can be turned around 180 degrees and mounted to a front firewall. The motor can be inserted through the flange from the rear and the shaft will extend out the front of the model where you can mount a prop. The result works superbly.

 Review by:

Very powerfull little motor. Use it on a homebuild DLG with 3 cell 350 mah. Turns an even bigger prop than suggested as with the hyperspinner I needed 8 mm blade fittings.

 Review by:

Great little motor for the price. One third of the weight and up to three times the power of the motor it replaced!

 Review by:

Does what it says on the box

Have found it quite hard to find these little gems. They look small but pack good punch. I have never burnt one out but have bent one or two shafts. Carries a Tony Nijhuis 30" spitfire approx 500g about quite well...loops from level

 Review by:

Fantastic, will probably buy again!

This is one great motor, I used it to replace the motor on a hobby zone super cub, and the power is amazing, it is powerful, reliable, and I just can't describe how happy I am with it!
Great motor, and will probably buy more from them again!
Thanks hyperflight!

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