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Carboline SC59/3/45 Spread Carbon Fabric 0°/+45°/-45° 59g/m²

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Vladimir's Models Carboline SC59/3/45 is a unique tri-axial Spread Tow Carbon fabric for ultralight structures.

In 2010 Vladimir's Models began a series of experiments to create an extra light carbon fabric. After numerous tests they perfected the design for a machine to spread carbon fibre tows to a thickness of 0.02 mm. This allowed the company to create a triaxial fabric from extra strength carbon fibres with a weight as low as 26 g/m². This tri-axial spread carbon weighs 58 g/m².

Today this fabric is used not only in Vladimir's Models planes but is also used by many other model and sports equipment manufacturers who demand the best, lightest, and strongest carbon for their products.

Now this high-strength fabric using IMS65 carbon fibres is accessible also to you.

Two sizes of Carboline sheet are available. Please select the required size using the radio buttons below the price. Delivered rolled, supported by orange peel ply fabric.

Carboline SC59/3/45 Specifications
Full sheet size 310 cm x 60 cm, 1.86 m²
Half sheet size 150 cm x 60 cm, 0.90 m²
Weight 59 g/m²
Number of layers 3
Fibre material IMS 65
Direction of fibres 0° / +45° / -45°

Due to the large tube required to post this fabric the international shipping cost can be higher than estimated. We may need to request extra money when shipping to some destinations.

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A Must Have for Glider Wings/Tails!

This is fabulous material.
There is a lot of preparation work in a glider's wing/tails and the extra money that Carboline costs over Kevlar or Fiberglass is well worth the weight savings. A 3+ meter glider can easily shed over 1/2 pound of weight by using this wonderful material.
Shipping to the USA is very fast too!
Thanks Neil

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