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HyperFlight 1/1.7 Pushrod Set

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This pushrod set consists of a 1.0 mm carbon rod running in a 1.7 mm outside diameter PTFE tube. This excellent quality pushrod set is long and strong enough for many types of models, and for a multitude of engineering uses.

This type of inner rod and outer tube is sometimes called a Bowden Cable. It is important that the ends of the 1.7 mm outer tube are secured to the structure. It is even better if the complete outer tube run is glued in place. This can be achieved in tailbooms by temporarily fitting a piano wire inner rod and clamping the tube to the boom with magnets. Then liberally dribble in CA unto the upended boom, until the CA appears at the other end of the run.

Sold singly - one inner rod and one outer tube per set.

HyperFlight 1.0/1.7 Pushrod Set
Inner and Outer length 1.5 m
Inner rod diameter 1.0 mm
Rod material Pulltruded carbon fibre rod
Outer tube diameter 1.7 mm
Outer tube material PTFE
Unit weight of rod and tube 2.8 g/m
Weight of 1.5m rod and tube 4.2 g
Comparative max force 3 Kg

If the pizza box option is shown these can be sent by coiling into a pizza type box, or they can be kept straight and sent in a 1.5 m long postal tube at extra cost. If sent coiled they will straighten out well. Please remove from the pizza box with care!

End Fittings

We do not recommend using a clevis to connect the pushrod to the servo or control surface. The best option is to use a piece of wire attached to each end of the pushrod. Initially tack this in place with a little CA. Then bind it with kevlar thread. Then soak the thread in thin CA. Alternatively a 2 cm length of suitable diameter hear shrink tube can be used, but be sure not to damage the carbon rod when heating the tube.

Use a Z bend at the servo end.

Use an L bend at the control surface end. Retain this with a thin wire whisker keeper, a commercial keeper, or a small length (4 mm) of plastic or aluminium tubing, CAed into place.

When doing this centre the servo and masking tape the control surface in the correct neutral position. CA the wire to the rod with the end connected up, to ensure the correct pushrod length. Use the radio's centre and end point adjustment facilities to make any final adjustments necessary.


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Received but not installed

The push rods were posted coiled/looped in a "pizza box" but once removed from the box returned to perfectly straight. As usual, most vendors could learn from Neil's awesome customer service.
Disclaimer: The 5 star rating has been given prior to installing them in a model.

 Review by:

Pushrod set

Very good

 Review by:

Light, rigid and nicely friction free, but keep checking during the install, as very little cable bend required to start binding. Need good long slots in the fuselage exit point.

Exact length wire fittings for rudder and elevator are tricky, so I replaced some 0.3mm wire cables in a DLG kit with these, so I could add end fittings and adjust the length. As not much end space for the standard fittings, I bent a couple of short pieces of wire and whipped to the side of the rod end with fine sewing thread. Slid the wire for exact length then thread soaked in superglue.

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