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Blue Bird BMS-125WV+ Servo - 0.09s 11.3g 10mm

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The Blue Bird BMS-125WV+ is the highest torque servo in the new Blue Bird BMS-125WV+/126WV+/127WV+ range of 11g servos. At 8.4V the torque of the BMS-125WV+ is a massive 7.1 The speed is lower than the other servos in the range but is still 0.09 seconds per 60° of movement, which is fine for 99% of models. It is suitable for all control surfaces on lighter F5J models and most gliders up to 4 m wingspan. At 10 mm thick it is suitable for mounting in small fuselages and thin wings and tails.

The WV in the name stands for Wide Voltage, indicating that this servo has wide range of acceptable supply voltages and is suitable for 1S LiPo, 4 or 5 cell NiMH and 2S LiPo operation.

The + plus moniker on these servos is to indicate this version is an upgrade on the BMS-125WV we previously sold. Some of the photos still show the BMS-125WV as apart from the label the new servo looks identical.

The Blue Bird BMS-125HV+ is a great servo built to the same space saving form factor as the MKS DS6100 and MKS HV6100. It is similarly precise, with no free play in the geartrain, and it is much more powerful and faster than the competing products. The large output spline is identical to Futaba 25 tooth splines, so replacement output arms are readily available. Note the output spline is not the same as MKS so the servo cannot be used with most MKS accessories.

Although it looks like the BMS-105HV the BMS-125 WV+ uses new components, better bearings and an improved internal design and does not suffer the longevity problems that affected some high hours BMS-105 installations.

Blue Bird BMS-125WV+ Servo Specifications
Body dimensions 23.2 mm wide x 10.0 mm thick x 23.0 mm high 0.91" wide x 0.39" thick x 0.91" high
Max dimensions 32.0 mm wide x 10.0 mm thick x 25.0 mm high 1.26" wide x 0.39" thick x 0.98" high
Stall torque (3.7V) 3.6 50
Stall torque (6V) 5.5 76
Stall torque (8.4V) 7.1 99
Weight 11.3 g 0.40 oz
Lead length 16 cm 6.3 in
Operating speed (3.7V) 0.2 sec/60°
Operating speed (6V) 0.13 sec/60°
Operating speed (8.4V) 0.09 sec/60°
Operating voltage 3.5V to 8.4V
Operating temperature 0 to 40 °C
Bearings 2 ball bearings
Gear material Metal alloy
Case material Nylon
Motor type Coreless DC motor
Working frequency 250 Hz
Dead band/resolution 2 µs
Pulse width for ± 60º (L) 900 µs - (0°) 1520 µs- (R) 2100 µs
Digital Yes
Programmable No
Position feedback Potentiometer
Supplied accessories 2 plastic output arms, 1 arm retaining screw, 4 mounting screws, Blue Bird sticker
Optional accessories Ply Frame for Blue Bird BMS-125, Integrated Drive System/Mono for the Blue Bird BMS-125WV, Frame with bearing for the Blue Bird BMS-125WV

Reviews 28  

 Review by:

Excellent little servos

Excellent little servos, look well made. Have used them in anger yet as their intended model is not started yet. However, have hooked the servos up to a receiver and done an initial test, all looks good

 Review by:

Powerful but unreliable

The two servos I ordered were great. Really small and still powerful. Was a fairly tight fit into my Malibu 1m DLG, but that was expected.

Unfortunately, after a couple not so soft landings and plugging them in and out a few times, one stopped working. Since I live in Germany, ordering another one from this store was out of the question (high shipping cost, tax, fees, Ö). I would've liked to get a similar one again, but couldn't find one anywhere.

 Review by:

Bluebird servos

Havenít tried as yet but great service and support over the years Iíve done business with you.
Thanks Neil

 Review by:

Mighty Mini

Half the price of the MKS6100HV and better in every other way too IMHO.
Currently doing duty in a Nan Shadow F5J driving the tail surfaces.
Buzz free, accurate centering, easy to fit and servo horns are a good fit too.

Recommended. Will buy again, thanks Hyperflight.

 Review by:

Nice Servo

The servo was delivered quickly and well packed, something which I have become accustomed to with Hyperflight. The servo runs smoothly and centres well so I'm very pleased.

 Review by:

Bought 6 for a Nan Omega v2 worked fine centered well adequate torque. However one failed during model set up and had to be returned, hence the three stars.

HyperFlight reply: Sincere apologies for the inconvenience, but we wouid like to add that we did give a 50% refund for the returned servo. Not a full refund as the servo lead had been shortened and the servo showed signs of wear.

 Review by:

Great Servo

Excellent servos, good centering, no/minimal backlash, reliable, wide voltage range, good value.

 Review by:

Decent servos, fast and precise

Used these on my bicopter build. They were fast and accurate and did a great job until I had a bit of a crash. Both now have damaged gearboxes unfortunately. I'm hoping there's a service kit!

 Review by:

Great servos

Used these servos in a number of installations. Great value and a reliable performer

 Review by:

Great Servos, great aervice

Used Hyperflight a few times and they are now my go to store for good value, great spec equipment. Nothing is too much trouble for these guys. Highly recommended.

 Review by:

Blue Bird BMS-125WV Servo

I had two '105' old versions fail when overstressed trying to open jammed undercarriage doors on my SHK. My carelessness. Nevertheless the new ones work fine and appear better overall.

 Review by:


Got them in my F5J plane (Crozilla) and works perfect now after 25 hours of flight.

 Review by:

Great servo but watch out

If you invert your power source you'll not just damage these you will fry them as they have no protection. I just lost 2... ;-( Own fault I know.

 Review by:

blue bird bms 125 wv

update on previous review fitted in flaps no response after landing smoke coming from servo and fitted new servos and worked great servo problem i think or just unlucky

 Review by:

The servo is nice but has some play, the mks DS6100 does not have that so I go for the mks.

 Review by:

I haven't got to use these servos yet. I bought 2 of then and one died after 6 cycles on the tester didn't get anyway near the plane.
Waiting for a replacement to arrive.
They look very good, at least it had the decentness to die on the table.
Buying from the opposite side of the planet is a bummer when things don't go to plan.

Comment by:

Usual good advice and prompt delivery

 Review by:

Excellent service and communication - 10 days order-to-door from UK to Australia. Have only tested one so far, but looks the goods and the price is right. Thank you!

Comment by:


As usual good service

 Review by:

blue bird bms 125 and 126

bought several of these not fitted but appear reasonable quality Service as usual perfeect

 Review by:

Early days yet, thanks to the plague, but the performance so far is excellent for such a compact, moderately priced servo. The service from Hyperflight excellent as ever.

 Review by:

Four servos delivered, without fuss, on time and whilst not yet fitted in to model I am very pleased with them. Packaging exceptional! I have no reason to believe the servos will perform to the same standard.

Comment by:

Work very good and exact.

 Review by:

Great little servo I have installed in model but not flown yet good price

 Review by:

Great looking servo, excellent value and service from Hyperflight

 Review by:

Blue Bird BMS-125WV Servos

These servos are accurate and good value for money.

 Review by:

Used Blue Bird servos in my F3K and have been more than happy with them so decided to use these in my newly purchased Osprey F5J. They behave implacably.

 Review by:

good and fast servos! very fast shipping I will keep buying from Hyperflight. Thumps up

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