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Blaster 2 DLG F3K

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The Blaster 2/2 is a high tech F3K R/C hand launched glider utilising airfoils designed specially for DLGs by Mark Drela. To help with storage and transportation this updated Blaster 2/2 has a wing that splits into two parts – this is cleverly implemented and only adds 6g to the model's weight. The break is asymmetrical, and the wing that is used for launching is fully bolted to the fuselage, so the wing join only has to take the forces on the outside wing. This facility also makes the Blaster 2 into a brilliant holiday glider, that can be flown from the beach, small dunes, or any small field.

The hollow-molded wing is made in CNC machined molds to ensure the airfoils are reproduced accurately, and the potential performance is fully achieved. The elliptical planform and transitioning airfoils give the wing a very high efficiency, together with excellent handling characteristic and a benign stall.

The superbly finished wing comes complete with a moulded-in aerodynamic winglet on the left wing only, for tip launching by right-handers. The wing also has pre-cut servo mounts and bottom hinged generously sized flaperons, to allow the model to be slowed down to a crawl for hand catching. This high level of prefabrication makes the glider especially strong, clean, and easy to build.

The wing skin is a very rigid and tough glass/rohacell/glass sandwich with a substantial carbon spar.
Blaster molded wing construction

The glass skin is laid at 45 degrees to eliminate twisting and maximise launch height. The carbon braid reinforced shear web is bonded to the substantial carbon spar caps, resulting in a light but strong spar.
Blaster molded wing construction

The living skin hinged flaperons have a rohacell core and a very sharp trailing edge to minimise drag.
Blaster molded wing construction

The spacious pod is Kevlar reinforced with a horizontal strip of carbon fibre extending back to the boom, and is covered by removable nose cone to keep the front end clean and maintain laminar flow. The pod includes a wing mounting pylon to reduce interference drag, and fairs smoothly into the generously sized and very stiff carbon tailboom.

A lightweight v-mount keeps the full flying tailplane out of the disturbed airflow, and gives the pilot excellent low drag pitch control.

Download our Blaster 2 Assembly Guide (link below) to see how easily and quickly the Blaster 2 goes together. Our thanks to Martin Bell for his help with the manual, and for permission to use his excellent photos.

Do look at this New Blaster 2 RCGroups build thread which shows how to fit all the servos in the pod, as now recommended by Vladimir's Models. Also see this excellent 4 in the pod build log here.

The Blaster 2 is supplied with a throwing blade molded into one wing side only. It is now usually supplied with a two piece wing, and has the blade on the left side, making it suitable for right handed throwers only.

Blaster 2 Specification
Wing span 1.49 m 58.6 in
Wing area 22.9 dm2 354 sq in
Flying weight from 290 g 10.2 oz
Wing loading 12.1 g/dm2 4.0 oz/sq ft
Wing airfoil AG45, AG46, AG47
Tail airfoil HT08-HT12
Dihedral 6.5º
Centre of Gravity 78-85 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Elevator, ailerons, rudder

Blaster 2 Typical Weights
Fuselage 50 g 1.8 oz
Wing 149 g 5.3 oz
Hoz tail 10 g 0.35 oz
Vert tail 7 g 0.25 oz
Accessories 7 g 0.25 oz
Total structure 231 g 8.1 oz

Recommended R/C
Elevator & rudder servos Ripmax SD100, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, Graupner DES 261, KST X08, MKS DS65K, MKS DS6100, Hyperion DS09-SCD
Aileron servos Ripmax SD100, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, KST X08, MKS DS65K, MKS DS6100, Hyperion DS09-SCD
Receiver 4/5 channel rx to suit your transmitter, eg Spektrum AR6270T, AR6260, AR6100e, Futaba R6004FF, FrSky X4R, Orange DSM2 compatible, Jeti Duplex R5, Multiplex Mlink RX-6 Light & RX-5 Light
Battery Rhino 2S 360 mAh LiPo, HyperLiPo 2S 300 mAh LiPo

Recommended Control Throws & Mixes
Rudder 25 mm each way
Tailplane 10 mm up / 10 mm down
Flaperons 15 mm up / 8 mm down
Recommended flaperon settings
Launch mode -2° (flat bottom surface)
Cruise mode 0° (flat top surface)
Thermal mode +2° (2 mm down)
Landing mode +40° (38 mm down)

Check out this superb Blaster2 aerobatics video by Donatas

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 Review by:

First 1.5m DLG

What can I say that has not been said before. This kit is beautiful. I consider myself a rookie on building and flying a glider of this quality. This kit went together with no issues. Hitec HS-45HB servos used on all surfaces. 500mAh 1S lipo with HK voltage booster used for power. The snow is flying (Southern Ontario Canada) so no maiden for a while. Will write a review of first flight when it happens.4 months???.
This has been a great experience and would like to thank Neil and Hyperflight. Have a good winter everyone.

 Review by:

Blaster 2

As this glider is a Christmas present from my wife I officially haven't received it yet....
But I did unwrap it and check its parts before it got consigned to the Christmas present pile..
The service from this company is excellent and the model arrived in 3 days from the time of order..
Apart from some missing bolts(these were replaced promptly by the company)after an email .the model was in perfect order/well packaged and I am looking foreward to building/flying it...many thx to hyperflight for an exemplary service and first rate models

 Review by:

I have been a hardcore Blaster flier for at least seven years, and currently fly a Blaster 2 with the smaller tailplane from the series 3, and more recently have been enjoying the 3.5. Yes, of course the 3.5 is superior, a slippery and very satisfying machine that has a fabulous performance and stunning build quality. But does that mean the venerable 2 is no longer worthy of attention? It is all too easy to think that the new invariably blows the old into the weeds. That is human nature - but it is not always, or even often, the case. The Blaster 2 still gives a great performance and represents terrific value for money. Mine has had countless hundreds of launches and still looks and flies like new. If you want the best Blaster, then the 3.5 is the obvious choice, but the 2 remains a lovely glider - yes, even after all these years. And Neil's renowned service is not something new: it was there from the beginning.

Comment by:

Received the Blaster 2 and was in great shape. Packaging was good and no damage to parts. This is my first 1.5 meter dlg. Started with a HK Mini DLG then a Super Mini Topsky from Hyperflight. Opened the box and WOW what a quality piece. Have not built yet but will post a review when complete. Service from Hyperflight was again excellent. Thanks Neil for the help.

 Review by:

First dlg blaster 2

Excellent kit and service fron Neil.still under construction.gone for pull Spring on AMT and rudder.kst x08 servos all round.awaiting smart lipo before setting up 4servos in nose.building slow and hopefully accurate.lots of info online but trying to keep it simple!

 Review by:


The kit came faster than expected. Planned as a Christmas gift it had its maiden 2 weeks before the holiday. I could not resist :)

The kit is of very good quality, assembly went fast without any problems. I used HV components, so I can use a 2s lipo without BEC. To get the CoG to where it should be, I put all servos into the pod and used a 450 mAH battery, no extra ballast needed and endless flight time.

It glides really great. Even when the conditions aren't that good, it is fun watching it floating around as if it is weightless.

Thumbs up ;)

 Review by:

Blaster 2 flight performance is excellent and also your service is so good. I could receive product
within 4 days only after order, this is extraordinary, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur between UK. I really appreciate for your service. My two friends will order soon same or up grade Blaster.

 Review by:

Blaster 2

Not flown yet but went together without any bother, fits and finishes exceptional.

 Review by:

Great Service

I didn't had a chance to build or fly the model yet, but the quality of the KIT is excellent. The pieces are so nicelly made that even looking at it is a pleasure :).

But I wanted to say something else. The model was damaged in tranport by the shipping company. It happens I guess, bad luck. I contacted Hyperflight and the reaction of Neil was just incredible - he immediatelly offered to send a completly new kit and arranged a pick up of the damaged model, without a single word of complaining or anything. I am located in Poland, so shipping isn't the cheapest thing, but they handled it all by themselfs.
Few days later I had a brand new kit delivered and damaged model picked up. Just perfect.
Thanks again Neil :), I will definitelly come back here.

 Review by:

Beautiful design, great flyer

First impressions after unpacking were the perfect fit of wing joint and the beautiful but ? fragile appearance of the parts.

Flies like a dream and is more robust than I would have thought initially. The split wing design is nothing short of ingenious.

 Review by:

Blaster 2 DLG F3K

My first DLG and what a fantastic little plane!

Really quick and straightforward to finish. Please remember to trim down the aileron horns as they are too large for the model and protect areas with masking tape close to where you are working. I think hangar rash is probably the highest risk to this model - it's much happier in the air.

I'm still learning the art of finding thermals from hand launches but really for fun flying it doesn't matter whether you extend the flight or not. The moment it's down you simply hurl the thing aloft again or better still just catch and launch in one movement.

Great little plane with a performance that will impress even the most experienced of modelers.

 Review by:

2 Piece wing

I purchased a Blaster 2 with the 2 piece wing a few weeks ago and have just got her ready to maiden.
I was a little apprehensive about getting the 2 piece wing as I was worried about finish and strength but the wing is very well built and the 2 pieces mate together perfectly. It has the bonus of makes transportation easy. Flight report to follow.

 Review by:

Awesome Blaster 2

I've been looking at discus launch gliders for a while, I've really enjoyed flying gliders in the past but I don't live near a slope so this looked like a good idea.

Now I've got it I'm really impressed with the versitility of the Blaster, obviously it flies well in zero wind, hot days but even on windier (15+ mph) days without much sun I've been able to catch thermals and slope soar off the smallest inclines and even lines of trees -and I'm very new to this. Its an adictive challenge trying to keep it aloft and the first time I caught a proper thermal was one of the most exciting RC flying moments I've had.

Its also in its element hovering in light lift, doing high speed aerobatics or anything in between.

It cost more than I'm used to paying for a plane (my first mouldie) but has been worth every penny. - Build quality is excellent, goes together easily and even a couple of very heavy arrivals caused minimal damage, that was easily fixed.

Hyperflight delivered everything safely and promptly - Thanks also for taking the effort to match up colours with the electric fusalage I bought at the same time.

Overall a brilliant plane - I can't wait to get the electric version in the air.

 Review by:

Blaster 2

I have built 3 Blasters 2's in the past 1 1/2 years. One for myself and 2 for friends. Happily they are all flying well and for all three of us probably our best loved gliders in our quiver. In my mind Vladimir distilled the essence of motor-less flight in the Blaster, you, the airplane and nature.

Obviously I am not bragging about this but just passing on a testimonial to the Blaster's strength when I tell you I have flown it into a tree and watched it tumble twenty feet to the ground. Another time I snagged a bungee line on the tail during a launch. It was about 15-20' in the air when I realized it and grabbed the line to keep it from going higher only to slam it back to earth. Then there was the time an epoxy joint gave way on the rudder push rod and it did rudder rolls on the launch with a rather sound landing.

If it weren't for this last incident the plane would still look like new after hundreds of launches. I flew into dirty air by our club house at the field and lost all control. It shot up about 10', stalled and came straight down on the nose in the gravel parking lot. This crash dented the nose cone in about a 1/4" at the tip. I pushed it back out with a stick and carefully drizzled thin CA on it. The shape is perfect and a friend will air brush the color back on this winter.

With the exception of one of my builds the push rods have been run internally with the aid of steel wire in the sleeves and magnets on the exterior of the boom. Then metal is traded out for the carbon fiber when the sleeve is secured with CA. The last one I built with pull-pull on the rudder because we inserted the new and lighter 2.4 receiver with out the satellite receiver. I wanted a lighter tail because of less weight in the nose. Another friend who built his own did this as well and it works out great.

One of the owner's wives of a Blaster I built tells me he sleeps with it at night. My mother always told me not to love anything that can't love you back...but I have made an exception for the Blaster 2. I want another one in the worst way even though the one I own is near perfect.

OK, one more horror story. An exceptional glider pilot and good friend came out to the field just after dusk with his new Blaster 2. He was still in the trimming stages and it was really only his second time out with it. He builds every bit as well as he flies but a battery connection broke under the stress of his second launch this particular evening and the Blaster made a sickening shattering sound when it dived from a near perfect launch into the ground. What a disaster and what a mess was left of the glider!

In two weeks he had pushed out-straightened and CA glued the broken sections in the wing, rejoined broken parts of the pod including the wing saddle and airbrushed over the damage. The only give-away that it has been worked on is the slightly more satin finish of the paint he sprayed on. With all this work he gained less than an ounce of weight. His Blaster flies great!!!

Some day I expect to hold the DLG tip in my hand as I watch the glider sail up on launch. Unless something better comes along I will buy another Blaster.

 Review by:

Blaster 2

The Blaster 2 was my first trip into the land of RC Gliders, i was recommended this plane by top Lithuanian F3K pilot Donatas Pauzolis and duly set about trying to find one in the UK, before i stumbled upon Hyperflight. A few phone calls to answer a few questions and the hand over of some money landed me a brand new Yellow/Pink Blaster 2.

What can i say, well this thing is LIGHT and very very strong! Although i have seen several inferior DLG gliders around shows, i was shocked at how nicely made this one was, everything was strait, well made and the finish was nearly perfect! the moulded in peg at the wingtip looked like it could handle even the hardest of launches, and seemed comfortable in my fingers.

As my first glider build i was a little nervous on the build, especially how fragile it felt in my hands. After breaking 1 carbon pushrod (though i had loads of spare rod lying about this wasn't an issue) i had it all together. the only thing i replaced was the wing bolts, replacing the flat head domed screws with slightly less streamlined M3 allen head bolts, much easier to use for ham-fists like me. AUW was very low using SD100 and SD150 servos, a Spektrum 6100 RX and a small FlightPower EVOLite 350 2s pack through a tiny regulator (this setup gives way over an hour use). The removable nose cone made of kevlar is a superb idea, making it possible to use 2.4GHz, and to access the radio quickly and easily, superb thinking Vladimir!

Test throws were all done with no problems, and onto my first discus launches, which were less than brilliant, but to my surprise i got great flight times. Its hard to explain how good this plane flies, coming from a real beginner of F3K, but it is so nimble yet so slow. for crazy aerobatics its very rapid to change direction, yet get it strait and level, even on a windless day with no thermals flights of 3-4 minute off a decent launch were possible.

With many hundreds of launches under my belt, i had the technique right, with the recommended flap settings the launches were considerably higher than with other models i had tried since i have had my Blaster, and the molded wing post is kind on the fingers and gives great grip as you launch.

Sadly the model didnt last as long as i had hoped, it did require some spare parts in its life too, though these are mostly my fault. the elevator, if the bolt is done too tight, starts to crack, especially when pulling up hard out of a launch for a bit of fun, the wing is super strong but the elevator isnt as strong. with correct tightening of the bolt and "proper" flying i dont see this as an issue

Halfway through a flight however i was midaired by a YS170 powered pattern ship, although this model is strong, its very fragile, lets just say that pattern ship won (without any damage) and my brilliant Blaster 2 was totally obliterated. this is to be expected, but was sad to see considering how well it flew

To summarise, this kit is super well made, incredibly light weight, strong in flight, good value, good looking, great flying, but as to be expected, a little fragile.

Will i get another to replace it? oh yes i will!

 Review by:

Report Back

I thought I'd report back on my two Blasters.

The e version is my most used and favourite model. It is fantastic to
fly, flies for 30 mins upwards on a 700 mah lipo and copes with quite
strong winds. The only thing it won't do is knife edge! I will have to
consider getting a spare in due course.

The dlg version is terrific - I can now get 5 mins upwards flights in
decent sunshine on the smallish playing fields at the bottom of my
garden. I have discovered that the secret to a high launch for me is to
be very relaxed and to extend my left arm with the transmitter as a
counter-weight. I have no idea how high I am getting - I would guess
about 100 feet at best. What should I be aiming at? I flew it at
Ivinghoe Beacon last Sunday in 15 knots of wind and it was superb. I
will need to get a lost model alarm as I messed up one landing behind
the hill and lost it behind a hawthorn tree.

Yours, Andrew

 Review by:

Finest DLGs

These really are the finest DLG gliders I have ever built by the way!



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