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Ply Frame for KST X08 (pair) New

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These HyperFlight CNC cut ply servo frames make fitting a KST-X08 servo or a similarly sized servo to a molded wing very easy. No thickness is added to the installation, and the servo is mounted securely, yet can be removed easily if required. Two servo frames supplied in the pack.

This frame does not work with the KST X08 Plus servo - the motor is too long. However it can be used with the KST A08 with a little adjustment.

How To Mount Wing Servos Using Ply Frames

1. Glue a strip of 3mm (or 1/8”) balsa to the leading edge of the mount (width dependant on the distance the mount is likely to be behind the main spar).
2. Place the mount with the servo in-situ in the wing and abut it against the rear of the main spar.
3. Slide the mount sideways until it is in the correct position laterally and determine how much the width of the 3mm balsa needs to be adjusted for the mount to be in the correct position fore and aft.
4. Trim balsa to size. Reposition servo mount in wing and when happy with position draw a pencil line around the outside of the mount.
5. Remove servo from mount and epoxy mount into wing taking care not to get any epoxy in the inside of the mount which will prevent servo sitting properly in the mount.
6. Set up and adjust servo control rods as required. When satisfied glue servo in position using silicon / bath sealer and allow to set overnight.

To remove servo gently lever out with a suitable small screwdriver, allowing time for the sealer to break its bond between the servo and the wing.

Do not epoxy the mount in place with the servo in-situ for two reasons. A) It gets in the way when trying to place the mount. B) It introduces side loads which have a tendency to move the mount out of position whilst the epoxy is setting.

To minimise control surface slop the servo must be mounted as rigidly as possible. In molded wings this is greatly assisted by bonding the servo to the bottom wing surface, using a suitably shaped wooden block. Similarly attaching false ribs to the inner and outer edges of the servo bay will mechanically connect the upper and lower wing skins, increasing rigidity.

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ply frame for KST X08

Perfect fit quick and easy installation of KST X08.

 Review by:

KST 08 frames

Perfect fitting frames, Quick service, good price.....

 Review by:

Servos fit the frames perfectly. I did not want to glue the servos in as was intended so I added plywood to each side to allow a CF strap to be screwed over the top of the servo to hold it in place.

Hyperflight gets a 5+ star rating for service, response to questions and replacing defective parts.

 Review by:

A perfect fit

A perfect fit on the X08 servo, these will make the installation a piece if cake. Add nothing to the thickness, but should add some good stiffness to the surrounding wing skin. Very pleased!

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