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AVA Pro-e Electric 3.2m

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The Vladimir's Models AVA Pro-e is an improved version of the world renowned electric AVA. Probably no rudder-elevator-spoiler (RES) eSoarer has a better reputation and a more illustrious contest record than the AVA, so improving this already superb model is no mean feat. However Vladimir has incorporated these very significant upgrades in the AVA Pro-e:

- The electric fuselage pod has been totally redesigned to use a beautifully executed canopy hatch rather than a nosecone, allowing the battery to be inserted and connected easily, improving usability on the field. Also the very slim pod has a carefully engineered wing pylon to reduce interference drag.

- The AVA Pro-e wing planform has been optimised to be more elliptical, and the construction of the tip panels improved to utilise a carbon D-box to be stiffer and stronger. The better adherence to the airfoil profile also gives a useful drag reduction.

- The single central spoiler has been replaced by two smaller spoilers, these don't interfere with the flow over the tailplane, reducing the pitch change and making accurate landings child's play.

- The AVA Pro's tailplane has an improved planform and carbon D-box construction, increasing strength and reducing trim drag.

- The new fin has also been changed to use a molded fixed portion, with a lower drag tailboom attachment that incorporates a very clever quick release mechanism, to make the AVA Pro-e more transportable.

- The tailboom has been strengthened and stiffened.

- The long pod allows large propellers to be fitted, and the rigid structure allows kilowatt class powertrains to be installed giving ultra fast climbs. The low wing loading ensures a very low min sink, and the ability to climb away in the weakest of thermals.

On the construction side, Vladimir has taken the build to a new level of completeness, so the AVA Pro can be assembled in only a few hours. New work done by Vladimir to speed AVA Pro final assembly:

- The wing spoiler horns have been fitted, and the spoiler servo wires threaded into place.

- All pushrods and horns have been fabricated, wires bent, etc.

- Fitting the servos in the fin has been simplified.

The only work required to compete the model is to glue the boom to the pod, attach the V mount and fin quick release clip, and install the powertrain & RC gear.

The AVA Pro-e is a stable thermal duration eSoaring model suitable for near beginners and competition fliers alike, and the simple rudder, elevator, spoiler controls make it supremely easy to fly. Its light weight, prodigious strength, and state of the art design result in unequalled performance.

The AVA Pro-e is an evolutionary improvement of the AVA-e, which was itself an electrified version of Dr Mark Drela's revolutionary Bubble Dancer. The AVA was an implementation of Drela’s design using the free flight type construction techniques invented in Eastern Europe, and perfected by Vladimir. Like the Simply the Best and Organic ranges the AVA Pro wing has carbon capped ribs and a Kevlar D box. Allied to a substantial Kevlar wrapped carbon spar this results in a very rigid and almost unbreakable structure.

The aerodynamics are outstanding, utilising specially designed airfoils (no doubt in Xfoil, written by Mark Drela himself when he was a student), and a low drag V mounted tail plane, the AVA has a measured sink rate of 0.3m/s (60 ft per minute). The AVA Pro-e can be built down to 51 oz, however despite the low wing loading the plane can cope with 15mph winds with ease.

Many have asked about the underslung fin. There is no need to worry, in all the years we have been selling the AVA and the AVA Pro not a single person has reported a broken fin or boom.

AVA Pro-e Specification
Wing span 3.175m 125 in
Wing area 67.9dm2 1052 sq in
Length 1.7m 67 in
Typical flying weight 1454g 51.5 oz
Wing loading 21.4g/dm2 7.0 oz/sq ft
EDA 13.4 degrees
Aspect ratio 14.8
Wing airfoil AG24/25/26
Tail airfoil HT14-HT15
Fin airfoil HT13-HT12
Spinner diameter 38mm
Centre of Gravity 100-108mm from wing leading edge
Controls Elevator, rudder, spoilers x 2

AVA Pro-e Typical Weights
Fuselage 193g 6.8 oz
Wing 632g 22.3 oz
Hoz tail 25g 0.9 oz
Vert tail 39g 1.4 oz
Accessories 20g 0.7 oz
Total structure 909g 32.1 oz

Recommended Servos
Elevator & rudder* KST X06, KST X08, MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100, Blue Bird BMS-125WV
Spoilers MKS DS6100, KST DS113MG, KST DS135MG, MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100, Blue Bird BMS-125WV
*In order to balance the model without using a heavy motor we highly recommend that the lightest servos are used for the elevator and rudder controls.

AVA Pro Powertrain Recommendations
Powerline Micro 1015 3S 700mAh LiPo, 15x8 prop
Powerline Micro 1025/10 3S 1Ah LiPo, 16x8 prop
Leomotion L3013-4550 3S 1Ah LiPo, 15x9 prop
Leomotion L3025-4550 3S 1Ah LiPo, 15x8 prop
Hacker A20-6XL geared 4.4:1 3S 1Ah LiPo, 16x9 Aeronaut prop
Mega 16/25/3 direct drive, 3S 1Ah LiPo, 11x6 prop
Axi 2220/12 V2 direct drive, 3S 1Ah LiPi, 12x6 prop

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 Review by:

had a Turnigy competition series motor I had intended using which has esc plugs on back but when tried to fit it had upthrust. I thought this must be due to fuz shape so bought Hyperion GS3014-16 with a more tapered nose. This also sat with upthrust even after making hole to bring wires out through fuz and back in past motor. After close inspection found excess epoxy from fitting motor mount preventing motor sitting properly. Annoyingly,it was necessary to cut out motor mount in order to remove this flashing. However when new mount fitted an finished off all was forgotten because this is one beautiful model that makes the most of the slightest bit lift and with airbrakes popped comes down as if in an elevator. Love it.

 Review by:

What Service!

It's an amazing World and this is an amazing Company. I'm at the bottom end of the World as it seems, Sydney Australia. I placed a order for a great Christmas present for myself. Felt I might just be lucky to see that big box arrive on the eve of Christmas. But to my amazement after placing my order Thursday I received the delivery the next Wednesday!!!
That's a professional service. How refreshing. Well done Neil and the team. The only thing is I still have to wait for Christmas to open it!!!!
With service and product like Hyperflight in like shopping in your Local area.
Many many thanks Woodie

 Review by:

AVA Pro-e and Hyperion DS09-AMD servo

Fantastic service, my AVA Pro-e was delivered the day after I ordered it. Thank you very much Hyperflight. There was a small hole in the box but there was no damage to the contents due to the large amount of packaging. However, I did have some out of date instructions with the kit but a phone call soon had the correct instruction emailed to me. The wing joiners needed some sanding down to create a good fit. I am still in the build phase at the moment but will send another review after flight. I ordered 4 Hyperion DS09-AMD servos to install in the tail and spoilers and while these servos were connected to my AR6255 the servo connected to the aileron output started to hunt around the null point and then stopped working. The end result being that it appears as if the gears have all been stripped. A phone call to Hyperflight and they are sending me another servo and I shall return the non working back to them. I am a bit worried that this kind of problem happened while there was no strain being applied to the servo. The total cost of the glider with Rx, motor and batteries comes to 1200 and this is a lot of money to be in the air should one of these Hyperion servo failures happen again.

 Review by:

wonderful model

I have finally assembled my Ava. I replaced the stab pushrod with 2mm carbon rod and used only one metal coupler. The servos are connect by 4 wires and the servos are glued. I used magnets for spoilers. With the Hacker A20-6XL I had to add 10g ballast to the tail to balance it at 102 mm. I set the stab parallel to the boom centerline.

The maiden flight went uneventful. No trim was necessary. All that was left to set was elevator compensation for spoilers. According to my vario the climb rate is around 15m/s on a fresh battery.

This is a wonderful model, very easy to flight, with very effective spoilers, good in the wind up to 12-15 mph. This is without the doubt the best model I have flown.

I made a short movie: Click Here

 Review by:

As usual the plane arrived safely in Belgium in a very strong box with no damage and in perfect condition.

I used the following set up:
Motor : Kontronik Kira 480-26 5,2:1
Prop :14x10 cam
Battery: 3S 3.2aH LiPo, but they will be changed to smaller cells.
Servos : Tail 2x Hyperion DS09 AMD, Brakes 2x Hyperion DS11 AMD, and as Neil sugested I used two small magnets for closing the brakes and I used longer servo arms, instead of the horn, it works perfectly.

The cg is at 10 cm, I did not need any lead, but with a smaller lipo I may need a little noseweight, but that is no problem as the plane flies perfectly with no trims required.


 Review by:

Ultimate Stength Testing

After seeing many AVA-e 3.2metre models flying I wondered exactly how strong they are. (I watched a 3.2 Pulsar in the hands of a very experienced pilot have wing failure whist coming down out of a thermal. Snapped like a twig, with crow brake used.)

Unintentionally, I was to answer my own question two weeks ago at a local competition. My first flight with this model was just before the comp as a trimming flight. 2 clicks of up and flew very well. First comp flight was also very good scoring 925 points, after planting it nose first just outside the tape, but hard enough to push the spinner back onto the nose, preventing the motor from turning. I used the Allen key, unfastened the prop and moved it forward, tried it and alls well. Second round flight, power on as soon as the horn sounded and launched. Almost vertical up to around 50 feet, then a big, very fast wingover to the left, full right rudder and down elevator and nothing. A split second later the model planted itself vertically, 7 inches into quite hard ground, and missed the guy at the other end of the flight line by around four feet. (Someone took photos).

When I retrieved it the prop and spinner had disintegrated, the fuselage was scratched but not damaged. The wings, first three ribs from wing joint had split away from the trailing edge and that was it. It should have been a bin job but in three days it was repaired and ready to go again. THAT is strong.

As for why? After the first flight hard landing, the extension leads to the rear had come unplugged and I only tested the motor, not the elevator and rudder. Totally my fault.

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