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AerobTec Altis V4+ F5J Start Height Recorder and Flight Logger

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The AerobTec Altis V4+ is a great multipurpose device suitable for F5J, eSoaring, DLG, and all pilots wanting altitude.

This updated Plus 2020 version (with a blue colar over the cable) has double the memory and contains an improved precision altitude sensor with lower noise, and the display has been updated to a higher contrast version with a white background.

The AerobTec Altis V4+ provides these facilities:
  • An F5J Start Height recorder and display, with its own mini OLED screen - no reader is required.
  • An eSoaring or ALES limiter for cutting an electric glider's throttle at the required altitude.
  • An altitude logger for flight recording and later analysis on a PC.
  • A telemetry sensor that works with Jeti and Multiplex 2.4GHz receivers.
  • A DLG launch height recorder and display.
  • Altis v4+ is an improved version - it contains a newer sensor which has a lower noise. So the graphs will be smoother. The other modification is white display instead of blue one

The AerobTec Altis V4+ is an RC altimeter designed especially for F5J and eSoaring electric glider competitions, though it can also be used to record the barometric altitude of any object - a RC model, a bird, kite, or full size aircraft.

Its unique benefit is the built-in screen that displays the F5J Start Height (or other data) automatically. This allows F5J competitions to be run very easily and safely, with no plugging in of gizmos or fiddling with wires.

Another great benefit is its ability to interface with Jeti Duplex and Multiplex M-Link 2.4GHz receivers to give real time altitude telemetry. Despite these very powerful features the Altis V4 is very small and light.

The Altis Flight Manager software is used to download the logged data onto a PC, to display and analyse it, and to save it in various formats. Download Altis Flight Manager PC software from here. Note the software isn't included in the package, and must be downloaded by the customer.

We recommend you also go to the AerobTec Altis V4 page to check for and download the latest Altis V4+ firmware revisions and documentation.

Note that from V2.2 onwards altitude and other parameters cannot be changed usng the keypad. Best to revert to V2.1 if this is needed - eg for eSoaring events.

A Micro B USB cable and telemetry cable are not included in the product, and need to be purchased separately if required.

AerobTec Altis V4+ Specifications
Memory 3.9 MB
Record time 15 hours with 0.1 s sample interval,
3825 hours with 25.5 s sample interval.
Sample interval 0.1 s - 25.5 s (user selectable in steps of 0.1 s)
Dimensions 20 x 33 x 6.5 mm
Cable length 10 cm
Weight 8 g with cable
Power supply range 4.0V - 12.6V
Data Logged Altitude, RC voltage, temperature, throttle
Compatible competition rules FAI F5J, eSoaring, ALES
Start Height display Integrated OLED screen
Telemetry support Jeti Duplex, Multiplex M-Link, Graupner SJ HoTT
Firmware Upgradeable via PC
Interface Integrated Micro B USB socket
(as used on an Android phone)
Analysis Software AerobTec Altis Flight Manager software
Compatible with Windows XP to Windows 10
Optional accessories Altis V4 Telemetry Cable, Micro B USB Cable

HyperFlight Safety Warning
There is discussion of the Altis causing power loss and subsequent crashes in this RCGroups thread, see especially post #24 onwards. The consensus is that the crimping is potentially unreliable on both the Altis and the ESC wiring and the best way of improving reliability is to wire an additional positive and negative wire from the ESC to the receiver in parallel to the Altis.

Reviews 41  

 Review by:

Aaron altos v4

Product purchased to replace an Altis damaged in an ooops. Used these for several years and very happy with their performance, although I've found that you need to make sure the firmware is the same on both the Altis and your computer.
Great service from Neil as usual.

 Review by:

Great product

I ordered this online from New Zealand. Delivery was remarkably quick and the logger arrived safe and sound thanks to good packaging. To date I have only used this to log altitude in a powered model and once I learnt a bit about how to set it up and analyse the collected data I have been very pleased with what it can do. I look forward to using it more.

 Review by:

The second V4 I've bought. Flown several times now it just does it's job as advertised. Quick delivery from Hyperflight to NZ.

 Review by:

Аltis V4+

An excellent device! Recommend!

 Review by:


Although I have not yet fitted this piece of electronics I was recommended by members of my flying club to buy it as it works a treat.

 Review by:

A solid reliable F5J/ALS logger which along with its app allows for detailed post flight analysis. The only problem I have ever had is with a wire fatigue-breaking where it enters the module. I put a blob of hotmelt on this spot now.
Prompt delivery as usual.

 Review by:

Altis V4+


 Review by:

Altos V4+

Great service from HyperFlight!
I used Altis nano before , now bought it for F5J
Very nice device

 Review by:

Brings a great new dimension into the sport

This is excellent product with excellent documentation the flight manager software is nice. I am not using for competition but for fun, its introduced a great dimension to be able to say today ill start at 70m and practice or tomorrow ill do 8 second motor runs. The ability to have emergency restart for me was a requirement and i love the competition restart so don't have to land to reset. Delivery of course was next day well packaged etc , but you know that from hyperflight already .

 Review by:

Come sempre preciso nei tempi e impeccabile nella confezione

 Review by:

Recent purchase

Excellent service
Readily able to address how to ship goods during a difficult period while VOVID19 was in existence

 Review by:


Made big mistake bought some of these total waste of money talked to Neil when went wrong he said had to send them away ,I told him I bought them of him he could not care less then contacted trading standards who said he was responsible,he totally ignored this no contact ,then sent me a cheque very little contact and still very condescending on phone have spent lots of money with hyperflight now being told I can no longer use hyperflight not that I would worst costumer service ever Buyers Beware NOT GOOD

HyperFlight comment: Customers, love them or hate them you canít do without them. Well actually this guy was so abusive that after I had returned his money I did ask him not to purchase any more items. ;-)

 Review by:

Purchasing Aerobtec products

Ordered Altis plus converter and cables from
Neil / Hyperflight
Perfect delivery and everything was
Working with my Futaba 18 sz

 Review by:

altis v4+

delivery first class by return,this is my first logger and will be fitted to a WATTS NEW F5J electric glider have used Hyperflight before with great service

 Review by:

Aerob Tec Altis V4+

Great service and a speedy delivery

 Review by:

very speed cargo


 Review by:

Altis V4+

For many years I have used the 'RC version' height limiter in competitions, plugging in the separate reader to view the start height with no problems, just fiddly and parameters can be changed at the flying field with the keypad without a PC. The Altis V4+ however offered an inbuilt view screen to read off the start height without needing a separate reader which is why I purchased the unit. The sales blurb offered a plug in keypad to alter parameters at the field which was also attractive.
Altis Flight Manager installed itself on my PC with no problems in Windows 10 and proved easy to navigate and set the V4+ as required. The V4+ view screen proved legible in most lighting conditions. When trying to change parameters at the field however I found that the keypad worked OK but could only select the V4+ standard competitions and heights, ie. 100m, 150m, 200m etc and I could not select anything in between as sometimes bad weather dictates. I queried this with Aerobtec and they agreed and perhaps a new version software may be instigated. Therefore a PC at the field is required to adjust other than the set competitions, which I found annoying and misleading in the sales hype.
Nevertheless the Altis V4+ is a nice convenient small unit with the keypad giving limited adjustments at the field. The display is nicely legible though I need my glasses to read it. A bonus is that it can connect to Jeti for telemetry feedback and has extensive logging capabilities.

 Review by:

I like it

 Review by:

aerobTec atlis V4

Product sent promptly from UK, arrived about 10 days later. Very good product, lots of settings to change. Great Data logging, very helpful.

 Review by:

AirBotec Altis V4 + F5J

Я новичёк в F5J но очень доволен девайсом работает отлично так же настраивается в любом режиме пробовал в F5J FAI выполнил полёт 9.58 минут
с максимальной высотой 138 метров. теперь залил прошивку для тренировок
вобщем доволен Алтисом полностью

 Review by:

Good data, great fun

I bought the Altis for non-competition use and am delighted. It adds a further fun dimension to my slope soaring, it is great to be able to have measured height on those days when the model becomes a speck, and study the graphs/vario data on a PC later. Pity there is no GPS in it as I would have liked speed data too (the GPS alternative one has no screen). I have made up a see-through open-ended stiff-plastic sleeve that slots over the Altis, giving the screen protection during handling. One thing I have found is that not all micro USB cables are equal - one of mine would not let Altis connect with the PC (but is fine for other things like charging duties) - so make sure you use a cable of the appropriate specification.

 Review by:

More Gadgets!

I just love gadgets, and this doesn't disappoint, used with the telemetry converter, Altitude and Vario are displayed on my Hitec Tx. Easy to use and programme, but be careful with the telemetry cables, as I managed to break a wire at the plug connection.

Also Hyperflight's service is second to none, this and other orders arrived extremely promptly, like, ordered on Friday at 4pm delivered next day at 11am

 Review by:

The unit works well as a standalone logger and it also works with my TM1000 (using the HS converter) but it does not work with my AR9350 which has integrated telemetry.

I emailed Aerobtec about the problem and they say they are aware of the issue and later versions do work with it.

It appears HyperFlight don't stock the newer versions though.

 Review by:

Purchases in General

This and all the items that have been purchased from Hyperflight, have arrived promptly without fail by return post. Very good service, plus is backed up with a good after sales service ******

 Review by:

ALES and F5J

Very nice device, small and neatly built.
When using the keyboard, I found that switching between F5J and ALES configuration rather difficult and criptic. I whish the switch back & forth would be easier.
Also, changing the launch height altitude for ALES should be improved such that it could be configured (100, 150, 200m) and verified without having to attach a keyboard.

 Review by:

Altis V4

I bought this to replace one that has ceased to display. So far so good. Excellent service from Neil as usual.

 Review by:

Atlas v4+

Brilliant device. Helps on review to learn lift when used with video of flight. Emergency restart did not work until I emailed maker and he put me right. Set end point below 1000. Ie full minus trim on dx7s

 Review by:

Altis alti

excellent service as usual and another excellent product.

 Review by:

Altis 4+

Neat little unit.
Works well!

 Review by:

Altis V4+

I have never used one of these type of units before, but found the software easy to download and in conjunction with the manual (also a download) simple to operate. I have just tried this unit out in a glider today and it seems to work a treat. An impressively capable and well put-together piece of kit.

 Review by:

AerobTec Altis V4

Arrived next working day.

Haven't used it yet as glider still work in progress but downloaded software and set everything up. No issues as yet and top service from Hyperflight.

 Review by:


I am new to F5j, but using the altis is very easy. The software is supplied on the man. website. No trouble installing it and easy to use. Very small unit. Great product.

 Review by:

This review is just to tell that the service was great as usual :-)

This is my third altos, the first V4+ and the white display is a bit clearer to look at when using sun glasses on the field. Nice to have but no reason to replace the other 2 ..

The extra's like telemetry are not used, the all are loaded with te FAI F5J firmware.

the best logger in my opinion, no hassle with external displays and fragile cables.

 Review by:

Recording Altimeter

This is probably the most versatile recording altimeter on the market.
I have a RAM which is slightly smaller - but for all-round functionality the ALTIS V4+ is the best

 Review by:

Item not received

As the tittle says.


 Review by:

Top piece of kit and very easy to programme and use and small perfect

 Review by:

First experiences

The skills of the altisV4 are simple to understand and very usable for me. Thank You.
I inquire about whether the telemetry datas are ok for the hitec optima9 receiver too? It would be fantastic to me.

 Review by:

Looking forward

I have not flown this module yet but one feature which I really like is that you can set any altitude from 1 upward.

The benefit of this is that by setting say 3 metres you can walk up stairs and see that the system is fully working.

Just waiting for some flying weather now. Reduced star rating because I had slight problems using the software. At 80 I am no whiz kid so probably down to me.

 Review by:

Aerob Tec Altis v 4

Hello from Norway....:-))

Thanks for superfast delivery...!! Almost amazing.....:-)

This little logger is just awesome.... easy to set up and works just fine. I have installed the FAI F5J program with max 30 second motorrun. You can also use it just as a flightlogger. I have tried both, and I am very happy with the way it is working.
With the Micro USB you can read every flight of the day.

Thanks again for the help/service !!


 Review by:

We found the Altis v4 was convenient at first national F5J competition in Japan.

 Review by:

Once again Neil and his staff have excelled themselves with excellent (speedy and secure) service to the other side of the world.

I'm looking forward to further firmware updates from Jozef. Already the Altis V4 is a great little device, with a wider range of telemetry options it can only be better.

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