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Altis Nano

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Aerobtec's Altis Nano is their latest ultra miniature logging altimeter. It only weighs 6 g (0.21 oz) and is suitable for F5J and F3K models, and all RC aircraft and other flying objects that want to record the barometric altitude of the flight. The 0.3 m (1 ft) altitude resolution available using the high quality pressure sensor is much better than possible with GPS technology.

The Altis Nano is identical to the Altis V4+ except it has a smaller screen and one (not two) extension ports.

No Compromise
Get all what you expect from an altimeter in a ultra miniature form. Unlimited competition settings, live screen on integrated OLED display, telemetry, recording and more …

Live Screen
Live screen allows you to read the data easily from the integrated OLED display all the time …

Beat your Friends
Simply choose your competition from the list and show your friends who’s the best pilot …

Record and Analyze
Integrated flash memory allows you to record your flights and later to analyze them comfortably using Altis Flight Manager …

Rich Telemetry Support
Have the flight data always in view using telemetry of various brands, with fast reacting vario you didn’t miss your best performance …

General Specifications
Dimensions: 29 x 11.5 x 6.5mm, cable length approx. 6cm
Weight: 6g with JR cable
Power supply range: 4 – 12.6V
High contrast OLED display
Integrated USB
Upgradeable firmware
Altis Flight Manager software for Windows

Support for all existing competition rules – FW2.x
Special competition firmwares:
F5J FAI (FAI certified firmware) – FW5.x
ALES – (100, 150, 200m preset, configurable via keypad or PWM in) – FW6.x
F5J Greek (local Greek F5J like competition) – FW7.x
RCEV – (like F5J FAI but with motor restart option) – FW8.x

Memory: 7.91MB (Several days)
Sample time: 0.1 – 25.5s (user selectable with step 0.1s)
Logging: altitude, voltage, temperature,, PWM In/Out

Rich telemetry support for all relevant RC systems
Available telemetry data:
High precision altimeter
Fast reacting vario with auto adaptive filter
PWM In/Out value
F5J height

The default firmware as supplied is F5J legal (V5.1 as I type) so the motor cannot be used again after powering off. However the user can easily update to V1.1 which allows restarts.

HyperFlight Safety Warning
There is discussion of the Altis causing power loss and subsequent crashes in this RCGroups thread, see especially post #24 onwards. The consensus is that the crimping is potentially unreliable on both the Altis and the ESC wiring and the best way of improving reliability is to wire an additional positive and negative wire from the ESC to the receiver in parallel to the Altis.

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 Review by:

Great Flight Logger

I've been using this in my hi-start gliders for a while now and it has proved very useful in recording launch heights and thermals/sink during my flights. I'm currently putting together a few electric launch gliders for ALES flights, so I will be using the height limiter feature for these gliders. So far a great little, lightweight bit of kit.

 Review by:

service and product met all my expectations

 Review by:

Always fast en good service

 Review by:

The usual fast service from Neil and the Team, Haven't used the Altis Nano yet, however I am expecting it to meet all my requirements.


 Review by:

2 Altis Nanos delivered to NZ

Easy to order, quick to set up by downloading the Altis flight manager. Handy screen for F5j height. Will be ordering from Hyperflight again.

 Review by:

Impressive little piece of equipment

I've used the Micro model before and liked it. The Nano however has a very nice display screen that makes F5J altitude reporting much easier.

 Review by:

Excellent service from Hyperflight, the Alti is now in my Auri using Mpx telemetry, works much, much better that the original Mpx vario

 Review by:

I have the normal Altis but bought one of these a while ago as I hadn't much room in my Q12X. Some have said it's difficult to read I haven't found it so at all, so much so this is my second one. Great bit of hardware

 Review by:

Very small size will make it very easy to install in some of the smaller F5J fusalages. With electric dlg’s getting slowly more popular it should easily fit in these models as well.

 Review by:

Altis nano is great to use

Altis Nano is great to use
Hyper flight service great

 Review by:

Perfect size and weight !

 Review by:

Excellent little device well up to Aerobtec’s established standard and accuracy. It is very small so is easy to retrofit into a model. it is not unreasonable to have to accept the penalty of a small readout. One of our regularly used flying sites is subject to the new UK 400ft height restriction, so this device is being used as an aid to achieving compliance. The available keyboard is a useful accessory for field use.

 Review by:

I'm using this for DLG flying. Awesome tiny little thing. Helps me work on my launch - telemetry works great with my Jeti DS16. Only additional ask would be that there be an option to send the telemetry to the already attached servo plug, but that is probably only needed for Jeti (spektrum I know uses the smaller connector).

 Review by:

Altis Nano is an ideal switch for electric glider competition, it is light weight and easy to install. It is easy to connect to a PC and program with Altis Flight manager. Is is a good data recorder for recording altitude and flight times.

 Review by:

Altis Nano

I tested it for F5J four days ago, very good, but brightness, is not so enough to read

 Review by:

NOT No restart capability...

This little unit was to replace my standard Altis v4 in some smaller F5J sailplanes...great little unit, screen is bright (but really tiny- making it hard to see at times), but this version of the Altis does not allow emergency restarts. I get it, a restart=zero points...but I would rather take a ZERO then lose a $3000 contest sailplane!!!

HyperFlight Reply:
This is not correct. The default firmware as supplied is F5J legal (V5.1 as I type) but the user can easily update to V1.1 which allows restarts.

 Review by:

Altis Nano

Although obvious, a big plus is the physical size of this item which after one competition, seems as good as the V4. However I cannot give it a five star rating as the display, although bright, is just not big enough to read easily and necessitated the wearing of reading specs. Probably fine for young eyes but there are not many of those around.

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