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Altis GPS 2

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The new improved Aerobtec Altis GPS2 logs GPS coordinates, ground speed, barometric pressure altitude, and RC input, allowing the 3D position and speed of a model to later be displayed on a computer. As the barometric pressure altitude is much more accurate than GPS height info this device is much better than most loggers for model aircraft use. Additionally it acts as a telemetry sensor for supported RC, allowing a real-time display of this info on the user's transmitter.

The improvements of this GPS2 over the previous version are faster satellite acquisition start time, improved reception and double the memory.

It also has support for Jeti, Multiplex, Graupner, Futaba SBUS2* and FrSky S.Port* telemetry, allowing the RC pilot to receive real-time data via his transmitter. *Note Futaba SBUS2 and FrSky S.Port both need the optional telemetry convertor.

The unit has very small dimensions and a low weight. Recorded flights can be analyzed in Altis Flight Manager PC application which allows users to view the data in graph view mode and in Map/Earth mode.

  • Memory: 8Mb (approx. 18 hours recording with 0.1s sampling)
  • Sample time: 0.1 – 25.5s (user selectable with step 0.1s)
  • Dimensions: 30 x 23 x 9 mm
  • Weight: 12g
  • Power supply range: 4V – 12.6V
  • Integrated pressure sensor for altitude measurements
  • Logs GPS coordinates, ground speed, pressure altitude, RC input
  • Telemetry support for Jeti model®, Multiplex® M-Link, Graupner® HOTT, Futaba® SBUS2*, FrSky® S.Port*
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Integrated USB port for connection to PC
  • Free Altis Flight Manager software for Windows analysis software

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Love It

 Review by:

Great tool

This is a great little product! Only tried it a few times but the GPS and altimeter instead of ”just” altimeter fits my needs perfect. After your flying session searching for thermals you can not only see how much lift (or sink) you got but also where you were when it happened! Ideal in trying to learn more about the geographic aspect of the magic thermals. Before I thought it would be really nice to have this kind of information, now I will not fly without it!

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Very Neat

Bought one of these to use with my Multiplex M Link system, unfortunately the 1st one would stop randomly, I sent it back to Hyperflight and they not only had a new one back to me straight away, but also copied me on correspondence with the factory re the faulty unit. Replacement unit has been fine and links well with M Link telemetry system although speed is incorrect in the telemetry readout, but reads correctly on the data explorer, Aerobtec are aware of this and there should be a firmware fix soon. Data is very easy to download and analyse. Note the addresses on the M Link system are fixed and as follows
2 - Altitude [m]
3 - Vario [m/s]
4 - Ground Speed [km/h]
5 - Distance from first fix [km]
6 - Bearing angle [°]
7 - Maximal altitude [m]
8 - Odometer [km]
9 - Maximal distance form start [m]
10 - Temperature v [°C]

Overall a great little unit.

 Review by:

As usual fast delivery!

i had a bit of a struggle to get the gps working via the futaba telemetry converter but that was caused by me and not the GPS.. Read the manual carefully and remember that the module needs a power source when you connect the gps to the bus port to register!

speed/distance/altitude and vario is visible on the transmitter, how it works in real life will be clear tomorrow.

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