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Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & eSoarers


Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & eSoarers

Pure or electric glider lightweight pod, as used in our Sapphire electric glider. Can be supplied with the nosecone intact or removed and a 32mm firewall fitted, for use with an inrunner or small outrunner electric motors.

Supplied with a removable carbon canopy. The 18mm boom is not included in the price and should be purchased separately. The Blaster V mount fits this boom to make a complete Drela type pod-boom-tail mount fuselage.

Suitable for use on Allegro Lite and Bubble Dancer type models. For a 2m size model the boom can be cut down to about 60-70 cm. The full length 1m boom is the perfect length for a Bubble Dancer, making this a very nice option for that classic design.

Sapphire Pod Specification
Pod length ex spigot 41.7 cm 16.4 in
Pod length inc spigot 48.2 cm 19.0 in
Nose to wing LE 19.3 cm 7.6 in
Wing root chord 17.5 cm 6.9 in
Max wing chord No limit
Weight 53 g 1.9 oz
Spinner diameter 32 mm
Boom spigot diameter 17.5 mm
Recommended boom wide end OD 18 mm

Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & eSoarers

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