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Phoenix Models K8b - 3.5m COLLECTION ONLY

Product Code: PM-K8B-3M

Phoenix Models K8b - 3.5m COLLECTION ONLY

No box for this model. Collection from our premesis in Warwckshire only

The Phoenix Models 3.5m K8b is a lovely almost ready to fly approx 1/4 scale model of the popular Alexander Schleicher Ka 8b. It is a very similar size to the much missed Flair K8, but is ready built, and less expensive.

The K8b is the slightly better performing -b version with a bubble canopy. The model includes a pilot figure to look the part when in the air. The ARTF model has been beautifully built from laser cut balsa and ply and is covered in white and red Oracover (Profilm) to a very high standard. The only work required to get the model in the air is installing the RC.

Although it is new to the UK, there have been many very positive flying reports from Germany and the US. The easily transportable size, good handling, and light yet tough structure make this an ideal first quarter scale model. This special introductory price may be changed at any time.

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Phoenix Models K8b-3.5m Specifications
Wing span 3.5 m 138 in
Wing area 77.0 dm2 1194 sq in
Length 165 cm 65.0 in
Flying weight from 3100 g 109.3 oz
Wing loading 40.3 g/dm 13.2 oz/sq ft
Scale 1/4.28
Aspect ratio 15.9
Wing airfoil HQW3/15
Centre of Gravity 80-85 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, ailerons, aerotow release

Phoenix Models K8b-3.5m Typical Weights
Total structure 2246 g 79.2 oz
Fuse wiring 30 g 1.1 oz
Wing wiring 44 g 1.6 oz
Receiver 30 g 1.1 oz
Tail servos 46 g 1.6 oz
Aileron servos 46 g 1.6 oz
Aerotow release servo 23 g 0.8 oz
Battery 235 g 8.3 oz
Nose weight 400 g 14.1 oz
Flying weight 3100 g 109.3 oz

Recommended RC
Rudder & elevator KST DS145MG, Hitec HS 325 HB, Power HD HD-8315, Power HD HD-1501MG
Ailerons KST DS125MG, MKS DS6125 Mini, Hitec HS 325 HB, Power HD HD-8315, Power HD HD-1501MG
Aerotow release KST DS145MG, Hitec HS 325 HB, Power HD HD-1501MG
Receiver 5/6 channel rx to match your transmitter

Pockets are built-into the wing for airbrakes, but they hasve to be fitted by the modeller. 180 mm to 300 mm brakes are suitable, with the electric versions (see here and here) being easiest to fit.

Control Throws
Aileron 20 mm down / 30 mm up
Elevator 20 mm down / 20 mm up
Rudder 40 mm left / 40 mm right

Useful links:
RCNetwork.de 3.5m K8b thread
Phoenix Models' site with many photos and videos
Scale Soaring K8 Full Size Documentation
German K8 Full Size Documentation

Phoenix Models K8b - 3.5m COLLECTION ONLY

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