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Powerline Micro 1015

Product Code: PL-MICRO-1015-F5J

Powerline Micro 1015

The Powerline Micro 1015/F5J is an ultralight and ultra-compact power system for smaller competition F5J electric and sports gliders. It is strong enough to power a 1200 g (42 oz) Erwin XL Electric Ultralite F5J or even a 1380 g (49 oz) Supra Expert Electric F5J - getting it to 200 m in 20 to 28 seconds.

The powertrain consists of a powerful Lehner 1015 ultra high efficient brushless motor fitted to a 6.75:1 high reduction ratio planetary gearbox. The gearbox is both efficient and tough, so will withstand F5J competition arrivals.

The weight of the complete F5J power system using a Powerline Micro 1015/F5J is only about 222g! See the table below.

Powerline Micro 1015/F5J Weights
Powerline micro 1015 78 g
RFM propeller 16 x 8.5 12 g
RFM 30mm Turbo Spinner 13 g
Lipo 3s 850 40C 80 g
YGE40 ESC 36 g
Firewall CFRP 1 g
Plugs and screws 2 g
Total 222 g

Powerline Micro 1015/F5J Specifications
Gearbox diameter 22.0 mm 0.87 in
Motor diameter 22.0 mm 0.87 in
Motor+GB length 60.0 mm 2.36 in
Shaft diameter 5.0 mm 0.20 in
Motor+GB weight 78.0 g 2.75 oz
Lead length 6.0 cm 2.36 in
Motor Lehner 1015/18
Manufacturers Kv 4444 RPM/V
Manufacturers Geared Kv 658 RPM/V
Recommended battery 3S LiPo
Recommended prop 16 x 8
Input power 380 W
Max LiPo capacity 1.0 Ah
Supplied accessories 4 mounting screws, 4 washers, 3 3.5mm plugs & sockets

Powerline Micro 1015

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