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Kappa 40 F5J

Product Code: KAPPA40

Kappa 40 F5J

The Kappa 40 is probably the best value 4m F5J plane available. A stretched version of the Kappa 35 it is very light, a well proven design and it is built to a very high standard. The Kappa 40's advanced structural design ensures it is strong enough for its intended mission, and its finish, completeness and attention to detail is outstanding. The model really is almost ready to fly, with all the wing control horns and pushrods ready fitted, so the only work required to finish the wings is to fit the servos. The rudder horn is also fitted, and all the tail pushrod and servo mounting hardware is supplied.

Special features of this model include:
  • A well designed low drag fuselage with a large canopy hatch giving good access to the powertrain and RC, making for easy RC installation and maintenance. The nose of this new version has been extended to allow lighter batteries to be used than with the older fuselage.
  • A very high aspect ratio wing with proprietary airfoils optimised for F5J flying - the wing excels in low speed tight thermal turns, allowing the model to be thermalled away from small, weak thermals with ease. This allows competition winning low starts to be made with confidence.
  • Despite its extremely good thermal performance the wings maintain a good L/D up to higher speeds, allowing the Kappa 40 to return from a long way downwind with ease.
  • The wing has slightly swept back wing tips, making it approximate to the Schulman planform. This is meant to improve performance and handling, especially near the stall.
  • Superb quality of construction and attention to detail. The airframe design and molding must have entailed literally hundreds of hours work by master builders and designers. This is fully reflected in the final quality of finish, which is truly excellent.
  • The plane was designed and optimised for electric gliding from the start, it is not a modified F3J design. This has allowed a high aspect ratio to be used and more suitable airfoils.
  • All the control surfaces are sealed and the wing control horns are all hidden inside the control surfaces, further reducing drag.
  • The level of completeness of the airframe is exceptional, allowing the model to be finished in just a few hours.
  • The wing breaks down into three pieces and the tailplane and fin are easily removable, allowing the model to be easily transported to contests.

The model is available in three composite layups:

Light - Mostly glass covered flying surfaces, with carbon local reinforcement and a strong carbon spar. This is the lightest version.

DBox - The flying surfaces have a carbon DBox at the front. The rest is mostly glass with carbon local reinforcement and a strong carbon spar. This version weighs approx 50 g more than the Light version but is stronger. This layup costs approx 8% more.

Spread Carbon - All the flying surfaces are covered in lightweight spread carbon, with extra carbon local reinforcement and a strong carbon spar, resulting in the lightest and strongest model possible.This version weighs approx 30 g more than the Light version but is much stronger, more rigid and less susceptible to hanger rash and handling damage, and can be flown faster. This layup costs approx 19% more.

For all wing layups the fuselage is all carbon. The top of the fuselage is painted and the underside is left in natural carbon black. This looks very attractive. For all electric models (irrespective of the fuselage construction) we recommend the 2.4GHz aerials are exited from the fuselage, so they are in the outside airflow. One horizontal and one vertical aerial usually works well. There is too much electrical equipment in an electric glider fuselage for the RC signal to be reliably received inside the pod.

All models are supplied with high quality sewn cloth padded wing bags, to ensure the wing stays in perfect condition.

Kappa 40 Specifications
Wing span 3.9 m 155 in
Wing area 68.7 dm2 1065 sq in
Length inc spinner 161 cm 63.4 in
Flying weight from 1315 g 46.4 oz
Wing loading 19.1 g/dm 6.3 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 22.5
Wing airfoil Proprietary
EDA (dihedral) 5.0º
Spinner Diameter 38 mm
Centre of Gravity 85-90 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, ailerons, flap, throttle

Kappa 40 Light Layup Typical Weights
Fuselage & pushrods 160 g 5.6 oz
Wing centre panel (Light) 336 g 11.9 oz
Wing tips (Light) 374 g 13.2 oz
Tail plane 44 g 1.6 oz
Fin 31 g 1.1 oz
Accessories & glue 12 g 0.4 oz
Total structure 957 g 33.8 oz
Wiring 30 g 1.1 oz
Receiver 8 g 0.3 oz
Rudder servo 10 g 0.4 oz
Elevator servo 10 g 0.4 oz
Wing servos (4) 40 g 1.4 oz
Speed control 35 g 1.2 oz
Motor 120 g 4.2 oz
Prop & spinner 25 g 0.9 oz
Battery 80 g 2.8 oz
Flying weight 1315 g 46.4 oz

Recommended Servos
Elevator & rudder MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100, KST X08, Blue Bird BMS-A10H, Blue Bird BMS-106HV, Blue Bird BMS-107HV
Aileron MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100, MKS HV6110, KST X08, Blue Bird BMS-A10V, Blue Bird BMS-105HV, Blue Bird BMS-106HV
Flap MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100, MKS HV6110, MKS HBL6625 Mini, KST DS135MG, KST X10 Mini, Blue Bird BMS-105HV

The kit comes with CNC cut plywood fuselage servo mounts designed for the MKS DS6100 and HV6100 servos, so it is easiest if these (or the Blue Bird BMS-105, BMS-106, or BMS-107 compatibles) are used for the tail surfaces.

Kappa 40 Control Movements
Rudder 20 mm each way
Flap 85 degrees down
Ailerons 15 mm up, 12 mm down
Elevator 10 mm up, 10 mm down
Recommended camber settings (measured at flap root TE)
Speed mode -1.5° (flat bottom surface)
Cruise mode 0° (flat top surface at hinge)
Thermal mode +2° (2 mm down)

Kappa 40 Powertrain Recommendations
Powerline Micro 1025/F5J 3S 1.3Ah LiPo, 16x8 RF or GM prop (2000 fpm, 43A)
Leomotion L3007-5000 3S 1.3Ah LiPo, 14x8 prop (1750 fpm, 39A)
Leomotion L3013-4550 3S 1.3Ah LiPo, 15x9 prop (2250 fpm, 57A)
Hacker A20-6XL geared 4.4:1 3S 1.3Ah LiPo, 16x9 Aeronaut prop (1950 fpm, 46A)
Mega 16/25/4E direct drive 3S 1.3Ah LiPo, 12x6 prop ( 1800 fpm, 59A)
Mega 16/5/3 Maxon 4.4:1 gearbox, 3S 1.0Ah LiPo, 12x6 prop

Note that although the spinner diameter is 38 mm the width of the canopy hatch is only approx 27 mm, so the max diameter powertrain that can be fitted is 28 mm (with a little flexing of the fuselage skin). Also the RC and flight battery will have to be installed as far forward as possible to achieve a minimum flying weight. Unlike other (converted F3J) models the nose is only just long enough to achieve the correct balance when using a lightweight motor.

Kappa 40 F5J

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