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High Start Flag / Pennant

Product Code: HI-START-FLAG

High Start Flag / Pennant

High-start flag / pennant for a F3-RES legal high start. The purpose of this is to add some drag to the line so the ring disengages from the towhook as soon as the tension eases off. The pennant also makes it easy to see when the high-start is released so the gliding part of the flight can be timed, and to make it easier to spot the end of the line when it has fallen back to the ground.

The current ones are RED, not yellow as shown in the photo.

Made of sturdy extra light 30 g / m² parachute silk

Safely sewn onto a 3 mm diameter Polypropylene rope (breaking load 15 kg) - total length approx. 700 mm

Finished with 50 mm safety swivel and 18 mm diameter towhook ring

Dimension about 390 mm x 65 mm

Total 6 g light

Note the current German rules require a pennant is used, so using of a parachute instead is not okay.

High Start Flag / Pennant

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