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Turbulator Tape

Product Code: F-RMXTT1

Turbulator Tape

High quality clear plastic zig-zag turbulator tape, approx 8 mm wide.

This tape produces tiny vortexes on the wing surface, energising the airflow and reducing the possibility of the flow separating, and a stall occurring, improving low speed performance and handling.

Generally these sort of zigzag 3D turbulators increase drag very slightly at high speeds, but improve the flow and reduce drag at low speeds. The best position of the tape needs to be found by trial and error with careful performance measurements (or in a wind tunnel). They are most commonly placed on the upper surface at about 20% chord, and less often on the lower surface at about 40% chord.

They are sometimes also positioned just in front of the ailerons to improve aileron effectiveness and reduce tip stalling.

Zig-zag Turbulator Tape Specification
Total width 8.5 mm 0.33 in
Min width 2.5 mm 0.10 in
Thickness 0.4 mm 0.016 in
Length 5 m 16.4 ft

Turbulator Tape

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