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Euphoria V2 F5J 4m

Product Code: EUPHORIA

Euphoria V2 F5J 4m

The Euphoria V2 F5J is a brilliant design, with top quality construction and amazing value. The wing and tailplane are of all spread carbon construction, making the model extremely tough, rigid, and light. The aerodynamic design is similar to the Maxa and the Perfection, giving the plane a superb glide angle and also a very low sink speed. In the V2 version the tailplane is mounted on a small pylon in front of the fin, in line with the current fashion.

The fuselage is very well thought out, with the motor, speed control, and rudder and elevator servos fitting at the front of the pod, with enough room to slip the battery through the large canopy hatch into the ample space behind the servos. Aft of that there is a ballast tube, so the plane's weight can be adjusted for windy conditions - however its excellent polar gives it a good speed range so extra weight is only beneficial for wind speeds above 15 mph (7m/s, 24 km/h).

The spread carbon skinned wing has a substantial spar, allowing high energy aerobatics if required. The wing is a four piece construction, allowing larger ailerons than would normally be possible, giving especially good roll control. The control surfaces are large, so camber changes are very effective, and the large flaps allow the plane to be spot landed with ease. The spread carbon tailplane has a separate elevator to give very precise pitch control. The carbon fin sports a large film covered rudder to minimise tail weight. The fit and finish is very good, with all the parts sliding into place perfectly. The pushrods, all control horns and linkages are supplied. The only work required to get the model airborne is gluing the tailboom (a jig is provided) and installing the RC and powertrain.

Please look at this great build log with lots of useful info. Also these build photos are very useful.

Euphoria F5J Specifications
Wing span 4.0 m 156 in
Wing area 86.8 dm2 1345 sq in
Length 184 cm 72.4 in
Flying weight from 1865 g 65.8 oz
Wing loading 21.5 g/dm2 7.0 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 18.0
Wing airfoil Proprietary
Dihedral (EDA) 6.0º
Spinner Diameter 38 mm
Centre of Gravity 100-112 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps, throttle

Euphoria F5J Typical Weights
Pod 157 g 5.5 oz
Boom 56 g 2.0 oz
Right wing 474 g 16.7 oz
Left wing 474 g 16.7 oz
Tailplane 48 g 1.7 oz
Fin 39 g 1.4 oz
Accessories 130 g 4.6 oz
Total structure 1378 g 48.6 oz
Wiring 25 g 0.9 oz
Pushrods 26 g 0.9 oz
Receiver 10 g 0.4 oz
Tail servos 18 g 0.6 oz
Wing servos 68 g 2.4 oz
Speed control 45 g 1.6 oz
Motor 135 g 4.8 oz
Prop & spinner 30 g 1.1 oz
Battery 130 g 4.6 oz
Flying weight 1865 g 65.8 oz

Recommended Servos
Elevator & rudder MKS DS6100, KST DS145
Flap MKS DS6125 Mini, KST DS135, MKS DS6125 Glider, KST DS125
Aileron MKS DS6100, MKS DS6125 Mini, KST DS135

Euphoria Powertrains
Powerline Micro 1025/F5J 3S 1.3Ah LiPo, 16x8 RF or GM prop (1850 fpm, 43A)
Leomotion L3007-5000 3S 1.3Ah LiPo, 14x8 prop (1550 fpm, 39A)
Leomotion L3013-4550 3S 1.3Ah LiPo, 15x9 prop (2100 fpm, 57A)
Hacker A20-6XL geared 4.4:1 3S 1.3Ah LiPo, 16x9 Aeronaut prop (1800 fpm, 46A)
Mega 16/25/4E direct drive 3S 1.3Ah LiPo, 12x6 prop ( 1700 fpm, 59A)
Mega 16/5/3 Maxon 4.4:1 gearbox, 3S 1.0Ah LiPo, 14x9 prop

Euphoria V2 F5J 4m

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