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Power HD DSM44 Servo - 8.5mm 5.9g 1.6Kg.cm

Product Code: DSM44

Power HD DSM44 Servo - 8.5mm 5.9g 1.6Kg.cm

The Power HD DSM44 servo is an good budget priced 8.5mm thick servo, suitable for all small models, especially DLG gliders. The speed of this servo is excellent, and the torque is enough for DLG wings. The good quality aluminium and plastic gears are well made, with only a small amount of slop detectable.

At only 8.5 mm thick this servo can easily fit in very thin wings. With good 1.6 kg.cm torque and an excellent 0.09s/60° speed it is excellent for DLG flaperons, ailerons, elevator and rudder on many high performance models, DLGs, electric gliders, and smaller sport slopers.

Power HD DSM44 Specifications
Body dimensions 20.0 mm wide x 8.5 mm thick x 19.5 mm high 0.79" wide x 0.33" thick x 0.77" high
Max dimensions 27.0 mm wide x 8.5 mm thick x 27.8 mm high 1.06" wide x 0.33" thick x 1.09" high
Stall torque (4.8V) 1.20 kg.cm 17 oz.in
Stall torque (6V) 1.60 kg.cm 22 oz.in
Weight 5.9 g 0.21 oz
Lead length 16 cm 6.3 in
Operating speed (4.8V) 0.09 sec/60°
Operating speed (6V) 0.07 sec/60°
Operating voltage 4.8V to 6.0V
Bearings 1 ball bearing
Gear material Aluminium alloy / plastic
Motor type Coreless motor
Digital Yes
Programmable No
Supplied accessories 4 plastic output arms, 1 plastic output disk, 1 arm retaining screw, 2 mounting screws

Power HD DSM44 Servo - 8.5mm 5.9g 1.6Kg.cm

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