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AndREaS Elektro RES

Product Code: ANDREAS-E

AndREaS Elektro RES

The AndREaS Elektro RES is a built-up laser cut balsa and ply electric 2m eSoarer. It is based on the AndREaS which is designed for the new F3-RES high-start launched Rudder-Elevator-Spoiler class now popular in Germany and Austria.

The hand selected wood in the Andreas Elektro kit is beautifully laser cut and is a pleasure to work with. The precut parts extend to the spar, leading edge and D-Box, making assembly quick and straight forward, with a minimum of sanding required. The 8.5% thick airfoil has been specially developed for the F3-RES class to give good thermal ability and a good turn of speed. With a flying weight of approx 550 g (19 oz) the wing loading can be as low as 16 g/dm2 (5 oz/sq ft). Despite the low loading the thin wing profile gives the Andreas excellent penetration, allowing it to be used in even at higher wind speeds.

The kit includes all pushrods, all small parts, a colour full size plan and richly coloured, illustrated, building instructions. The English translation is here.

Not included in the kit are adhesives, or RC components. For covering the kit Oralight is highly recommended.

  • Laser cut all-wood construction with self jigging weight-optimized parts.
  • Removable pylon mounted tailplane set in front of the fin.
  • Huge rudder for agile control behaviour.
  • Two-piece wing with multiple panel breaks and contoured wingtips
  • D-Box leading edge for maximum laminar flow over the wing.
  • Sophisticated self-jigging spar for a strong easy to construct wing.
  • Powerful spoilers give an excellent braking effect and accurate landings.
  • Colour plan and extensively illustrated, with detailed building instructions (in German).

AndREaS Elektro Specifications
Wing span 2.0 m 78 in
Wing area 33.8 dm2 524 sq in
Length 115 cm 45.3 in
Flying weight from 550 g 19.4 oz
Wing loading 16.3 g/dm 5.3 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 11.7
Wing airfoil MB-674RES 8.5%
Dihedral (EDA) 10.5º
Spinner Diameter 30 mm
Centre of Gravity 70 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, spoilers, throttle

AndREaS Elektro Typical Weights
Total structure 375.0 g 13.2 oz
Receiver 6.0 g 0.2 oz
Rudder servo 6.0 g 0.2 oz
Elevator servo 6.0 g 0.2 oz
Spoiler servos 16.0 g 0.6 oz
ESC 21.0 g 0.7 oz
Motor 40.0 g 1.4 oz
Prop & spinner 20.0 g 0.7 oz
Battery 60.0 g 2.1 oz
Flying weight 550.0 g 19.4 oz

Recommended RC
Rudder & elevator servos Ripmax SD100, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, Power HD DSM44, Gening D531BB, KST X08, Ripmax SD150, Corona DS843MG, Graupner DES 261
Spoiler servos (2) Gening D541BB, KST X08, Ripmax SD150, Corona DS843MG, Hitec HS55
Receiver 5 channel rx to match your transmitter

AndREaS Elektro Powertrain Recommendations
Hacker A10-7L geared 4.4:1 3S 450mAh LiPo, 12x10 folding prop
ADH300L Front Mount 3S 450mAh LiPo, 9x5 folding prop
ADH300L Front Mount 2S 450mAh LiPo, 11x6 folding prop
Roxxy 2220/20 28g outrunner 3S 600mAh LiPo, 8x4 prop
Powerline Micro 1010 3S 450mAh LiPo, 12x6 prop
Mega 16/7/12 direct drive* 2S 450mAh LiPo, 7x5 prop

* May require a 32mm firewall brought back slightly to accommodate this diameter of motor.

AndREaS Elektro RES

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