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Altis Micro

Product Code: ALTIS-MICRO

Altis Micro

The Aerobtec Altis Micro is functionally very similar to Altis v4, except that is does not have a display. The main benefits are smaller dimensions and lighter weight, making it suitable for smaller eSoarers and discus launched gliders.

The AerobTec Altis Micro is a multipurpose device:
  • A DLG launch height recorder.
  • An F5J Start Height recorder.
  • An eSoaring or ALES limiter for cutting an electric glider's throttle at the required altitude.
  • An altitude logger for flight recording and later analysis on a PC.
  • A telemetry sensor that works with Jeti and Multiplex 2.4GHz receivers.

The AerobTec Altis Micro is an RC altimeter suitable for discus launch gliders and F5J and eSoaring electric glider competitions, though it can also be used to record the barometric altitude of any object - a RC model, a bird, kite, or full size aircraft.

A great feature is its ability to interface with Jeti Duplex and Multiplex M-Link 2.4GHz receivers to give real time altitude telemetry. Despite these very powerful features the Altis V4 is very small and light.

The Altis Flight Manager software is used to download the logged data onto a PC, to display and analyse it, and to save it in various formats. Download Altis Flight Manager PC software from here. Note the software isn't included in the package, and must be downloaded by the customer.

We recommend you also go to the AerobTec Altis Micro page to check for and download the latest Altis Micro firmware revisions and documentation.

A Micro B USB cable and telemetry cable are not included in the product, and need to be purchased separately if required.

AerobTec Altis Micro Specifications
Memory 3.9 MB
Record time 15 hours with 0.1 s sample interval,
3825 hours with 25.5 s sample interval.
Sample interval 0.1 s - 25.5 s (user selectable in steps of 0.1 s)
Dimensions 30 x 14 x 7 mm
Cable length 7 cm
Weight 4.7 g with cable
Power supply range 4.0V - 8.4V
Data Logged Altitude, RC voltage, temperature, throttle
Compatible competition rules FAI F5J, eSoaring, ALES - for some competitions AerobTec Device Terminal is required as a display element
Status Indicator LED
Telemetry support Jeti Duplex EX®, Multiplex® M-Link, Graupner® HoTT
Firmware Upgradeable via PC
Analysis Software AerobTec Altis Flight Manager software
Compatible with Windows XP to Windows 10
Optional accessories Aerobtec Altis Terminal

Altis Micro

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