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Stormbird 2m

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The Stormbird 2m is a fabulous new design from slope soaring legend James Hammond. The carbon hybrid layup Stormbird has a superb speed range, brilliant handling and is built strong enough for insane slope aerobatics and the normal rough and tumble of slope flying. The almost elliptical wing is extremely efficient and despite the aggressive wing taper the model has particularly good low speed handling, making slope landings child's play.

The Stormbird is a perfect model for the aspiring fast slope pilot who wants the speed of an F3F ship with the convenience and economy of a 2m model.

More info in this RCGroups thread.

Stormbird Specifications
Wing span 2.00 m 79 in
Wing area 32.3 dm2 501 sq in
Length 123 cm 48.4 in
Flying weight from 1576 g 55.6 oz
Wing loading 48.8 g/dm 16.0 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 12.4
Wing airfoil JH3680, JH3575, JH3670
EDA (dihedral) 1.7º
Centre of Gravity 85 - 100 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, ailerons, flap

Stormbird Typical Weights
Fuselage inc pushrod 267 g 9.4 oz
Left wing 376 g 13.3 oz
Right wing 374 g 13.2 oz
Tailplane 54 g 1.9 oz
Wing joiner 148 g 5.2 oz
Ballast tube 25 g 0.9 oz
Accessories 50 g 1.8 oz
Total structure 1294 g 45.6 oz
Wiring 20 g 0.7 oz
Pushrods 12 g 0.4 oz
Receiver 8 g 0.3 oz
Rudder servo 11 g 0.4 oz
Elevator servo 11 g 0.4 oz
Wing servos (4) 70 g 2.5 oz
Battery 150 g 5.3 oz
Flying weight from 1576 g 55.6 oz

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