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Solite Yellow Covering Film

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Solite Yellow is an iron-on self-adhesive plastic film ultralight covering material for lightweight models. Despite its light weight of only 20 g/m2 (0.6 ounces per square yard) it is surprisingly strong and puncture-proof.

Polypropylene iron-on self-adhesive plastic film ultralight 12-micron base film.
Weight: 20-25 g/m2 (0.6 ounces per square yard).

For small gliders, park flyers and indoor models.

Iron on to the wooden model structure and then heat shrink.
Very easy to apply with excellent shrinkage.
Iron temp from 80°c to a maximum of 120°c

1.27m x 0.7m

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Very light covering

If you have used solarfilm, you will find this behaves in a very similar manner. It is very light, and requires a sharp blade to cut cleanly. Getting the backing film off can be a challenge; careful persistence with a sharp point to tease the backing free at an edge and tweezers to assist pull the free edge from the backing seems to work best. I could not make the manufacturer's method of taping to both surfaces and pulling apart work. It sticks to itself very easily, and as it is so thin can be difficult to persuade back apart so care is needed when applying it to a structure. Once on it shrinks well, but not such that it instantly destroys a lightweight structure and the edge all but disappears when the iron is worked over it. In summary, a lightweight solarfilm that gives a good result on lightweight models but requires a little more care with application.

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